First, observe the emery exposed on the diamond tool tip, observe the concentration of emery and its distribution. Good diamond grinding segment, moderate emery content, and evenly dispersed. Second, look at the welding situation, you can start from two points. Firstly, observe the weld. If the weld is discontinuous and the edge of the tool head is not vertically aligned with the matrix trough, chip removal and heat dissipation will be affected. And it can cause the head to fall off. Second, put the diamond grinding segment in your hand and observe whether the diamond grinding segment is aligned with the matrix on the horizontal plane. If the grinding segment is unevend, it is likely to cause plate edge breakage or even the grinding segment falling off in the process of use. Thirdly, by comparing the thickness of the diamond segment and the thickness of the steel base, in general, the grinding segment is about 1mm thicker than the steel base. The reason for this design is to avoid damaging the steel base and improve the service life of the diamond grindinng segment.