There are many things to pay attention to during the construction of the floor grinder. A little carelessness may cause irreparable ground damage. The need to re-grind construction is not only troublesome, but also time-consuming, making the construction period tight and even unable to complete the work on time. So what should we pay attention to during the construction process? Let’s look down together.

1. No site inspection and ground cleaning before construction

The construction site has a complex environment, and there are many garbage and dust on the ground. If workers do not check and clean the ground in advance, it is difficult to eliminate the scratches caused by grinding.

2. There is no gradual grinding

Each stage of grinding has its corresponding grinding disc number segment. The purpose of each number segment is to suppress the scratches of the previous number segment. If the number is skipped, problems will naturally occur and scratches are easy to leave. So remember not to grind the horn into a habit to save time and effort.

3. The ground and grinder are not cleaned after each grinding disc

After each grinding disc is finished, if the slurry on the ground and the residue on the grinding machine are not cleaned in time, the emery particles in it will cause serious scratches when grinding the next grinding disc.

4. The ground is not checked in time after each grinding disc is ground, and ground problems are found and solved immediately

In the grinding optimization stage, such as 150# or 200#, after grinding, workers should check the ground in time to see if there are scratches, and solve the problem in time, otherwise the problem will become more and more serious.

5. Grinding cross is not in place, and grinding dead corners appear

The grinding of an area should be evenly covered to any point. If there is no strict and uniform grinding method, the grinding cross will not be in place, so scratches will remain in the place that has not been ground, and the more the back Difficult to solve.

6. During the grinding process, the walking speed of the grinding machine is fast and slow

Except for driven floor grinders, most floor grinders need to be driven by manpower. Due to human uncertainty, the walking speed of floor grinders is not very uniform. If there is a phenomenon that is fast and slow, It will cause the ground to be polished to be uneven and even, with one deep and one shallow ground unevenness.

7. random stacking of heavy objects such as machinery during cross construction

In order to save time, sometimes workers must pay special attention to cross-construction, do not randomly stack machinery or other heavy objects, which can easily cause deep scratches on the ground.

The above are the problems that may arise during the construction process. By grasping these small details, you can present a beautiful and practical curing floor.